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Getting Ready for the Big Day – Inexperienced Marathon Runner

Sara and I have been dating for just over one year, and in two months we’ll be running in what will be my first marathon. She’s been running for years and has participated in marathons all over the country, but I’m pretty new at this. Until three months ago, I don’t think that I’ve run […]

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A Lifetime of Health

When I was a younger woman, I never really felt the need to exercise. Life was busy enough to keep me moving, and maintaining my health wasn’t ever much of a consideration. Last year I turned seventy, and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t getting around as much as I used to, and that I […]

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Climbing to New Heights – Mountain Climber

When I was seventeen, I got into bouldering. My friends and I would head out to this rocky part of the beach, and we’d spend the afternoons climbing up and down big rocks, making jokes, and generally goofing off and having a good time. Flash forward thirteen years, and climbing has become no joke. I […]

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