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Elliptical vs. Treadmill

Elliptical vs Treadmill

There has been much discussion over whether an elliptical or a treadmill delivers a better workout. People tend to argue strongly for one or the other, but in reality, neither is really better, it is just that they are different. Which is right for you depends on your individual workout goals and preferences. Let’s take […]

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4 Benefits of Exercise You Might Not Know About

It’s pretty common for people to exercise in order to lose weight or build muscle, which are both great reasons to work out. But as science and those who exercise regularly will tell you, there are a number of additional benefits we can derive from it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit […]

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It’s Time to Get in Shape – All New to Me!

When I was younger, the thought of exercising never even crossed my mind. I was one of those girls with a fast metabolism, and it seemed like no matter what I ate I never put on a pound. My friends all joked that I had a hollow leg. Well, now I’m 35, and I think […]

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