Avoid the Crowds Thanks to Black Friday Deals from XTERRA


Looking to save on the perfect gift for your favorite fitness enthusiast this Black Friday? Forget about fighting the crowds at the mall and save from the comfort of your own home thanks to Black Friday specials from XTERRA Fitness. From Thursday until midnight on December 2nd, we’re offering an outstanding $250 off the Free […]

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How to Get Yourself in the Mood to Work Out


No matter how motivated a person you are, days come up when working out simply feels impossible. Maybe you feel tired, or maybe you’re simply not in the mood. Whatever the case, here are a few things you can do to make your workout session more appealing. Just do 10 minutes. Sometimes you feel like […]

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How to Burn the Most Fat on an Elliptical


When it comes to cardio, the elliptical is possibly the most popular piece of equipment on the market and in the gym, rivaled only by the classic treadmill. But while millions of health enthusiasts around the world look to the elliptical for their cardio and weight loss needs, few people actually understand how to use […]

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