A Lifetime of Health

When I was a younger woman, I never really felt the need to exercise. Life was busy enough to keep me moving, and maintaining my health wasn’t ever much of a consideration. Last year I turned seventy, and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t getting around as much as I used to, and that I […]

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Climbing to New Heights – Mountain Climber

When I was seventeen, I got into bouldering. My friends and I would head out to this rocky part of the beach, and we’d spend the afternoons climbing up and down big rocks, making jokes, and generally goofing off and having a good time. Flash forward thirteen years, and climbing has become no joke. I […]

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Our Path to Fitness: The Adventure Nears

Rachel and I have decided to move our hike forward as the weather is supposed to be perfect next weekend; clear but not too hot. Originally we had thought that getting back into shape would take a lot longer, but with the right equipment we’ve been able to surpass our expectations. At first I started […]

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