Training Tips from the Experts: Discover How XTERRA Planet Runners Triumphed


When it comes to competing and winning at the XTERRA Planet Off-Road Triathlon or Trail Run Series — or succeeding at any other health and fitness goal—it takes a combination of the right equipment and the proper conditioning techniques. At XTERRA Fitness, we’re here to provide you with unrivaled training equipment — like the Trail […]

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Ready for a Summer of Adventure? Join in on an XTERRA Planet Trail Run Near You

XTERRA Trail Race

Every year, XTERRA Planet hosts a series of trail run events throughout the United States, and running enthusiasts flock from all corners of the world to join in on the adventure. Each event is comprised of three to seven separate races totaling between five and fifty kilometers, and participants have the opportunity to earn points […]

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Ready to Pedal Forward with XTERRA Fitness?


You’ve raced toward your fitness goals with our Trail Racer line of treadmills. You’ve summited to the peak of health thanks to our Free Style line of ellipticals. Now we’re moving through the summer, and as we draw closer to the autumn, you might be tempted to ask yourself: Where do you go from here? […]

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