How to Burn the Most Fat on an Elliptical


When it comes to cardio, the elliptical is possibly the most popular piece of equipment on the market and in the gym, rivaled only by the classic treadmill. But while millions of health enthusiasts around the world look to the elliptical for their cardio and weight loss needs, few people actually understand how to use […]

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Get $150 of FREE Fitness Apparel with Your Purchase


Winter is here, and that means another season of working out inside. For a limited time, when you bring your adventure into fitness home by ordering a treadmill or elliptical from XTERRA Fitness, you get as much as $150 of free fitness apparel from our partners at ActiveWearUSA.com. The deal works like this: Make a […]

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5 Health Smart Snacks


As anyone who has tried to uphold a healthy diet knows, one of the hardest aspects of it involves resisting the temptation to indulge in snacking. We tell ourselves that a chip here and a cookie there isn’t a big deal, but bite after bite, calorie after calorie, it all adds up. For some the […]

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