Announcing Two New Ways to Continue Your Adventure into Fitness


This summer we announced that fall would bring exciting new additions to the XTERRA Fitness website. Now summer is behind us, and it’s time to start pedaling through a new season of health and fitness with the XTERRA Mountain Blazer 8.5 Indoor Bike and the XTERRA Switchback 4.5r Recumbent Bike. Fitness enthusiasts everywhere have come […]

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The Importance of Taking Breaks from Working Out


Once you get yourself into a good fitness routine, the tendency can be to push yourself hard and keep it up, day after day. You do it thinking that the more you workout, the more fat you’ll burn or muscle you’ll gain. More working out mean more progress, right? While that sounds good in theory, […]

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Tips for Running in Bad Weather


The season of fun in the sun is drawing to a close, which means the ideal outdoor running weather we’ve been enjoying all summer long is slipping behind us. As we move into autumn and closer to winter, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get outside and get in a good run […]

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