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Warranty Makes It

I knew that I wanted something that was easy to use and with lots of readout options. As soon as I saw the screen on this Free Style 5.8e, I was interested. Some of the monitors on these workout machines are so small or so dull that they can be really hard to read sometimes. This one is nice and bright and blue.

I really liked that this model came with the heart rate chest strap, too. I love knowing what my pulse is doing wen I work out so I can tailor how hard I'm pushing things to my heart rate at the moment. Mix all of that with a $1299 price and a7 year parts warranty and we had a winner.
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Tracy J.

Happy With My Buy

I spent a lot of time examining all of the machines available in the Elliptical market. At first, I was going to pick up the Free Style 5.6e. But I ended up changing over, spending the extra 300 bucks and grabbing this one instead.

1. 8 preset workouts instead of the 5 the 5.6e offered. I like having extra variety in my workout patterns, so I can keep changing things up and have things stay fresh.

2. Included heart rate chest band. I'm a big fan of monitoring my heart rate when I exercise, particularly when I go with a really punishing cardio program.

3. An extra 2 years of parts warranty coverage. I don't expect the Free Style 5.8e to start falling apart, but more coverage is always a good thing in my book.

I've been happy with my buy. Check it out of you're looking for something good that will work you out hard at a fair price.
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I ended up buying the Free Style 5.8e for all of what it offered at the price it costs. I don't really regret making the buy, but I do sort of wish I had shopped around a bit more first. It's a solid piece of equipment, but I find myself looking at some of the fancier ones and wishing I had gone a bit bigger.
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