Free Immersive Workout Subscription

XTERRA Fitness is excited to partner with BitGym to help enhance your workouts. With the BitGym app, you can exercise on the most beautiful trails on earth from the convenience of your home.

Purchase any XTERRA Fitness treadmill or elliptical, and you can start exploring these trails today!

Fuel your workout with speed-interactive exercise tours from around the world.

BitGym's breakthrough sotftware will track every step you take by using just the front-facing camera on your tablet or smartphone. This means there is no need to buy or configure any extra hardware.

BitGym Front Facing Camera
BitGym Product Details

BitGym In Action

Watch the video below to see all that BitGym can offer to the pursuit of your achievments.

BitGym Video Description

Promotion Details:

Customers who buy an XTERRA Fitness treadmill or elliptical will be given an account with BitGym with the following:
- 1 Month Full Access to all of the BitGym library of virtual workouts. Users can workout as many sessions as they want in this month.
- 5 Months of Limited Access to the BitGym virtual workouts. Users will be limited to 3 workout sessions per month.

After a treadmill or elliptical has been purchased, customers will receive an email with information on how redeem their subscription to BitGym.

Promotion will end 4/30/2014.