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Carlos "D"

Good quality

This treadmill is definitley made for some heavy duty people. I'm 250lbs of solid muscle and this thing takes a pounding from me Six mos in and Im very happy!
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A huge fan of this treadmill

This is a beast

I just received the 6.6 this week. Did not take the full two weeks to arrive. More like 5 days. Delivery man brought into the garage and my son and I took the parts out and carried them to the basement. Much easier then trying to take the whole box down. Base is heavy but we managed. Took less then 30 minutes to assemble. Great directions. This thing is sturdy as can be. Make sure electrical connections snap into place. (Delivery man told me this) Best treadmill I have ever owned. Cannot beat the price. We are extremely happy with this purchase. Motor is great, very quiet and easy to run on. This thing is awesome. Spend the extra money and get this over the 2.0 - 2.5 motors. Well worth it. Easy to fold up. Did I say, awesome machine.
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Marathon Man


I've had my 6.6 for six weeks now. I've used it every day with no problems. Hard to beat the price..LOVE IT...GO XTERRA !!
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First Treadmill

Great treadmill, excellent cushioning, great ONE touch speed and incline controls on the handle bars. I have only owned this treadmill for a couple of weeks now. I ran a 5K run the first time I was on it and it performed well. I assembled it myself. It is very heavy and sturdy and took over an hour to put together but the directions were very clear. The 6.6 Xterra is my first treadmill and I love it!!
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Great Treadmill

My 6.6 Xterra is great! It has a fan, heart rate monitor, incline up to 15%, ipod docking with speakers, many workout programs and levels, custom build your own programs, and many others. I only wish is that the instruction manual better explained the features
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Easy to use.... great buy

If you are looking to get back into shape or maintain a healthy level of fitness, I'd definitely recommend my 6.6 Xterra treadmill. All the bells and whistles you expect from an expensive machine for 2/3 less the price. Think we paid $999 and put this beast together ourselves! Great value and easy to assemble.
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The Price Is Right....

I can’t find a single thing wrong with 6.6 Xterra. If you’re looking for compact small treadmill, the 6.6 is probably not going to work. Excellent treadmill for the price, quite, doesn't take long to put together, I would definitely recommend. The price is right.
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Great customer service....

After powering up, we noticed that the display isn't working properly, so we saw how the warranty process worked. Prompt service from the Xterra folks. In a couple of days we were up and running. Sometimes it’s not about the up time buy how they take care of the customer that matters.
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Fan-Tastic Treadmill

Very good treadmill, only one recommendation, make the louvers more adjustable or you can use a floor fan. Overall performance is “fan” tastic!!!
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6.6 Xterra Treadmill

This treadmill was easy to assemble. Bought it online a month ago and wanted to state for the record it was a great buy. Only problem was freight company dropped the machine @ my front door. Hard to get into your house without a two wheeler or a buddy helping. Runs like a high end club machine only I don’t have to wait in line now.
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