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A huge fan of this treadmill

This is a beast

I just received the 6.6 this week. Did not take the full two weeks to arrive. More like 5 days. Delivery man brought into the garage and my son and I took the parts out and carried them to the basement. Much easier then trying to take the whole box down. Base is heavy but we managed. Took less then 30 minutes to assemble. Great directions. This thing is sturdy as can be. Make sure electrical connections snap into place. (Delivery man told me this) Best treadmill I have ever owned. Cannot beat the price. We are extremely happy with this purchase. Motor is great, very quiet and easy to run on. This thing is awesome. Spend the extra money and get this over the 2.0 - 2.5 motors. Well worth it. Easy to fold up. Did I say, awesome machine.
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Marathon Man


I've had my 6.6 for six weeks now. I've used it every day with no problems. Hard to beat the price..LOVE IT...GO XTERRA !!
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