Trail Racer 6.8 with Immersive Workouts

Our most advanced treadmill has been developed to provide everything you need to achieve an optimum level of health and fitness.




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Using XTERRA Trail Racer 6.8 display
  • MOTOR 3.5 CHP
  • RUNNING SURFACE 20" x 60"
  • SPEED 0-12 mph
  • INCLINATION 0-15 %

To get where you want to go... all you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other.

XTERRA wants to help you get there by bringing state-of-the-art training into your home. Boasting a powerful 3.5 CHP motor protected by a lifetime warranty, the Trail Racer 6.8 will keep going as long as you do. This treadmill will serve as your training companion through all your years of adventure—consider it an investment in the journey.

Races are won and triumphs are attained by the fleet footed, and this treadmill offers an array of features to keep you fast on your feet. This is achieved through the use of an expansive range of pre-set and manual programs, your progress through which can be easily monitored via a widescreen blue backlit LCD display which allows you to keep constant track of your speed, time, distance, pulse, and a variety of other factors. The Trail Racer 6.8 also features handlebar mounted pulse sensors so that you can observe your training zone with ease. Accomplishment is surmounted through the setting of goals, and we give you all the tools you need to set these goals then achieve them.

The Trail Racer 6.8 is designed to make your training experience as pleasurable as possible. Our console comes equipped with an audio jack and speakers, cooling fan, and accessory holders for your water bottle, audio device, phone, or whatever else you need to accentuate your workout.


Trail Racer 6.8 folds easily to use minimum of space when not in use

XTERRA Trail Racer 6.8 folded

While providing a wide and roomy workout surface, the Trail Racer 6.8 still fits conveniently into any living space. When in its upright folded position it can be easily maneuvered thanks to its integrated 4-wheel carriage. It is easily changed between its storage and workout positions thanks to the specially designed Lift Assist folding mechanism. It even offers a molded custom bottom pan to provide a heightened sense of style when in its raised position.

  • Handlebar Speed & Incline Controls

    Handlebar Speed & Incline Controls

    Because control belongs in your hands.

  • XTRA Storage Tray & Stability Bar

    XTRA Storage Tray & Stability Bar

    Run harder and longer while storing your favorite accessories.

  • XTRA Soft Shock Absorption Deck

    XTRA Soft Shock Absorption Deck

    Take long strides on our expansive 20” x 60” deck.

  • Widescreen Blue Backlit LCD Display

    Widescreen Blue Backlit LCD Display

    Our treadmill consoles have an easy-to-read, bright blue, backlit LCD display that keeps you constantly informed of your speed, pulse, distance, time and more.

  • Fold up with Lift Assist / Safe Drop

    Fold up with Lift Assist / Safe Drop

    Our treadmills are easy to fold up and down for your workout. We use “counterbalanced” easy lift and “soft drop” fold-down technology in order to make your storage before and after working out stress-free.

  • Heavy Duty Uniweld Steel Frame

    Heavy Duty Uniweld Steel Frame

    Taking a cue from high performance sports car design, our treadmills use a uniweld solid steel frame. This design requires fewer welds and creates a durable, long-lasting frame.

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  • Streaming HD video

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    I love this treadmill. I’ve only had it for three weeks now but it runs great. I have put this treadmill to the test and so far it has not disappointed me. It’s display screen is blue and very easy to see under florescent lights in my basement. The speaker quality is not the best but I use my ear pods while running. I think this is the best value on the market today feature for feature. Recommended a winner by a runner…. Don’t be misled by higher priced units saying they’re the leading treadmills. Just because you’re in Sears, Dicks, or Costco does not make you a winner. In most of these stores you can’t test the machine. Sure you can’t test the 6.8 online but you do have an excellent warranty backed by a 60 money back guarantee. Ask Sears or Dicks if they will do that for you?


  • Heavy duty treadmill

    After a month, we love it! We purchased the 6.8 Xterra. The only difference from the 6.6 and the 6.8 that we can see is the software and warranty. It was worth the $299 difference to buy the 6.8…… Value! As noted by others, set up out of the box took less than an hour. The instructions were clearly written and this is one heavy duty mother! I mean heavy!!! Get a friend to help with this one. Buy the complete set up and delivery for your backs sake.


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Trail Racer 6.8


Machine Dimensions
Dimensions: 80.9” (L) x 35”(W) x 57.1” (H)
Running Surface: 20" X 60"
Item Weight: 260 lbs
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Frame Style: Folding w/Lift Assist
Rollers: 2.36"
Controls & Features
Motor: 3.5 CHP, DC Type
Speed: 0 - 12 mph
Incline: 0 - 15% Rack & Pinion gear design
Belt: 2-ply Duraweave Walking Belt
Standard Programs: 7 plus Manual
Custom Programs: 2
Heart Rate Programs: 2
Heart Rate Chest Strap: Yes
Cooling Fan: Yes
Speakers & Audio Jack: Yes (MP3 Compatible)
Workout Display: 7.5” Blue Backlit LCD
Deck Cushioning: XTRA Soft
Side Rails: Aluminum
EKG Grip Pulse: Yes
Handlebar Speed Controls: Yes
Handlebar Incline Controls: Yes
Quick Touch Speed: Yes
Quick Touch Incline: Yes
Frame: Lifetime
Motor: Lifetime
Deck: 5 years
Parts: 5 years
In-home Labor: 1 Year

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