5 Fitness Habits That Will Help You Start The New Year Off Right

Jan 9, 2023

A new year is the perfect time for a fresh start and a time when resolutions usually involve developing new fitness and wellness habits. Trying to incorporate new habits into your life and routine can feel overwhelming, but these five fitness habits will help you get on the right track and develop a healthier lifestyle that you will be proud of! 

1. Try Different Workouts 

When starting a new fitness routine, it is important to find a type of workout that you enjoy. You will not want to stay in a routine if you are doing a workout that you dread. Each person may enjoy something different when it comes to fitness and movement so do not worry if you don’t enjoy something that your friends and family love. Be open to trying different things.

If you go to the gym for a couple of weeks and find yourself dreading it then maybe try a workout class or workout at home. Keep trying different things until you find something that inspires you to stay in a fitness routine and makes your workout something that you look forward to.

2. Do What You Can 

If you have not been in a fitness routine before or you are trying to get back into one then do not expect perfection from yourself. This will be the quickest way to get discouraged and want to give up. Do not expect to go from not working out to being able to do a full workout five to six days per week. Be okay with making adjustments and try to fit in some form of movement each day. If you are feeling tired or sore one day then just go for a thirty minute walk with the dog or your kids. Try to just incorporate some sort of fitness activity into your daily life.  

3. Set a Schedule

The best way to stick to your fitness routine is to set a schedule. Plan ahead and fit your workouts into your daily life. Whether you want to get up early and workout before work or the kids get up, squeeze in a lunchtime walk, or go to a pilates class with a friend after work, be sure to write these workouts down into your calendar so it becomes a part of your day.  Before long, it will be ingrained into your lifestyle and you will not think twice about whether you have time for your workout or not. 

4. Ensure You Have Rest Days and Good Sleep

Although staying in a consistent routine is important, it is equally as important to have rest days. Your body needs time to recover and rest before you hit your workouts again. Not only are rest days important, but getting adequate sleep is just as important. While you are asleep, your body is allowed time to recover, heal, and truly rest. 

Getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night is recommended if possible and it is important that you are getting good quality sleep. If you are waking up constantly throughout the night, your body is not getting the proper time to rest and recover, which is why the quality of sleep matters. If needed, create a nighttime routine that will help your body and mind wind down so you can have a restful night.  

5. Drink Plenty of Water

It is a tried and true fitness tip, but drinking more water will benefit your body immensely. Not only does being hydrated help your body function better, but it will allow you to get more out of your workouts as well. The human body is composed of approximately 60% water so when your body is dehydrated, it greatly affects your body’s ability to perform at its peak. 

A great way to focus on drinking more water and motivate yourself is to buy a reusable water bottle or cup that you can consistently refill and easily track your water intake. Staying hydrated will not only improve your workouts, but will also help improve your digestion, clear your skin, and boost your energy levels. 

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If your New Year’s resolution is to have a healthier lifestyle then these five habits will help give you a great start! It is important to be kind to yourself, do the best you can, and continue to strive for consistency in order for these new habits to become a part of your daily life. Interested in learning more about health and fitness? Explore the XTERRA Fitness blog for more tips.