Most people look at treadmills and see one exercise to do, run, but there are tons of different workouts you can try to get the most out of your treadmill. Mixing up your workouts and trying new exercises can work different muscles and keep your fitness exciting.

Jogging or Walking: These activities are not complex but they are different from running and they get the job done. Walking is a perfect light exercise for when you wake up or not wanting to work super hard.

Moving sideways with a resistance band: Putting a resistance band around your knees and moving laterally can work different parts of your legs and create a hard workout. Once the exercise gets easier, increase the incline and it will add more resistance to your glutes and hips.

Create High Intensity Workout: Jogging for 30 seconds then sprinting for another 30, then switching back and forth can create a tough workout that gets the heart rate up and to increase your cardio stamina.  

Incline: Most Treadmills have an incline feature, and a lot of them even have programs that include various incline workouts. All of XTERRA's treadmills include the incline feature and many of them guide your through a simulated run with hills. Incline is a unique feature of the treadmill that no other cardio machine can do that simulates a real life scenario of harder workouts. 

Walking Backwards: Walking backwards can be really beneficial for some of the muscles in the back of your legs. If you are able to go backwards at a good speed, it can create a lot of calf resistance and works the muscles in your foot.

Lunges: Doing lunges on the treadmill can be tricky but if you have one of the more premium treadmills XTERRA offers with a longer belt it can make a lunge workout really easy for people who don’t have a lot of space.

There are plenty of treadmills that XTERRA offers that have different programs and features to create unique workouts and make it a new exercise every time. To see the list of XTERRA treadmills, click here.