When I was a younger woman, I never really felt the need to exercise. Life was busy enough to keep me moving, and maintaining my health wasn't ever much of a consideration.

Last year I turned seventy, and I suddenly realized that I wasn't getting around as much as I used to, and that I was starting to slow down. I decided that if I wanted to keep feeling healthy and capable, I would have to do something to keep myself active. Being seventy doesn't make me any spring chicken, but it's not exactly ancient these days! I've still got many good years ahead of me, and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy them.

I started by going out for more walks, and that was fine at first, but when autumn came and the weather changed I decided that I wanted to have something I could use to work out in the comfort of my own home. So I asked my doctor for a suggestion, and he recommended that I look into an elliptical machine, because it would provide exercise that would be easier on my joints and bones.

After comparing a few different brands, I found myself attracted to the lifetime warranty offered by XTERRA. It seemed silly to buy anything that I would just end up replacing in five or ten years, so I decided to get an XTERRA Free Style 5.6, because it will last as long as I will.

I've had it for nearly one year now, and I like it a great deal. Its wide screen is easy for me to read, and the remote controls on the handlebars allow me to adjust my incline and resistance while safely keeping my hands in place. It's also very comfortable thanks to its specially tilted pedals and its built in cooling fan.

It makes me feel good that I have taken the condition of my future health into my own hands, which is something that more people my age should do.