This summer we announced that fall would bring exciting new additions to the XTERRA Fitness website. Now summer is behind us, and it's time to start pedaling through a new season of health and fitness with the XTERRA Mountain Blazer 8.5 Indoor Bike and the XTERRA Switchback 4.5r Recumbent Bike.

Fitness enthusiasts everywhere have come to know XTERRA for producing powerful training equipment that brings the adventure into better health and conditioning straight to your door in into your living space. With our latest releases, we've done it again. Let's take a look at what the Mountain Blazer 8.5 and the Switchback 4.5r have to offer.

XTERRA Mountain Blazer 8.5 Indoor Bike

The MB 8.5 features a fully adjustable seat and handlebars to ensure that you can pedal your way to fitness in perfect comfort and form. As you work your way through each training session, an LCD console provides feedback on factors such as time, speed, heart rate, calories burned, and RPM in order to ensure that you can maintain your target workout zone.

Are you looking for an indoor bike that brings home the fluid motion and steady resistance of your outdoor bike? This can be difficult to find, but thanks to a heavy-duty 48.4 pound precision balanced, chrome-plated flywheel combined with an advanced cranking system, the Mountain Blazer 8.5 allows brings home a ride that is smooth, quiet, yet highly effective.

What's more, the MB 8.5 is built to last. Forget about poorly constructed exercise bikes that fall apart after seemingly no time at all. XTERRA has built the Mountain Blazer 8.5 out of heavy duty steel, and it features a durable poly V-belt that will keep going as long as you do.

XTERRA Switchback 4.5r Recumbent Bike

If you're looking for the most ergonomic workout possible, the SB 4.5r is the ideal choice. Between its recumbent position, fully adjustable mesh seat, fluid 22 pound flywheel, and self-leveling cushioned foot pedals, the SB 4.5r is designed to bring home the most comfortable workout imaginable by minimizing stress to the knees and hips while still providing a highly effective conditioning session.

The Switchback 4.5r also features an array of powerful workout programs to ensure that you can burn fat, tone muscle, and get your heart pumping as efficiently as possible. As you work your way through each program, training factors such as your speed, calories burned, distance, and pulse are all provided via a wide-screen, blue-backlit LCD display. With twenty levels of adjustable resistance, the SB 4.5r is designed to provide an outstanding workout to users of all fitness levels.

Your Adventure into Fitness Lasts a Lifetime Thanks to the XTERRA Warranty

Like all of our exercise equipment, both the Mountain Blazer 8.5 and the Switchback 4.5r are designed to last a lifetime thanks to durable steel frames and the highest quality components, all of which are backed up by outstanding warranties. The frame of the MB 8.5 is covered for life, and this is backed by one year of protection on parts, the deck, and in-home labor. Both the frame and deck of the SB 4.5r include lifetime coverage, along with three years on parts and one on in-home labor.

XTERRA Fitness is committed to creating advanced, effective workout equipment that brings home a lifetime of health and fitness, and both the Mountain Blazer 8.5 and Switchback 4.5r accomplish this goal. At XTERRA, we're all about accomplishing goals.

What are yours? The MB 8.5 and SB 4.5r will help bring them closer.