Best Rowing Machines Under $500

Mar 8, 2021

Rowers have recently seen a surge of popularity. They provide a unique and engaging workout with a multitude of benefits like improving stamina, strength, weight loss and more. Bring one of the most popular full body workouts home with an XTERRA Fitness Rowing Machine. The good news? You don't need to break the bank. XTERRA Fitness offers a series of magnetic rowers all of which are less than $500, making investing in your health easier than ever!

The Best XTERRA Fitness Rowing Machines Under $500

ERG160 Magnetic Rower

The compact frame design, 8 levels of magnetic resistance, built-in accessory tray, padded handles, large molded seat and adjustable foot straps mean you don't have to sacrifice the features you want when shopping on a budget. For only $349.99 you get everything you need to help you achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home. Read an in-depth product guide for more information on the ERG160.


ERG220 Magnetic Rower

The sturdy dual aluminum rails and durable frame of the ERG220 mean this rower is built to last. It boasts 8 levels of magnetic resistance perfect for athletes of every level. With advanced comfort features like pivoting food pedals, molded seat and padded handlebars you can feel confident you'll get an effective and comfortable workout. The ERG220 Is an affordable $449.99 making it a great option for smaller budgets.


ERG200 Magnetic Rower

Get an effective full-body workout with the quiet magnetic resistance of the ERG200. The durable but compact frame can be folded for easy storage. A contoured seat, padded handles and adjustable pedals provide exceptional comfort so you can workout longer. The large console is easy to read and displays all your important metrics. Start making waves with your workouts today and bring home the ERG200 for only $429.99.


When done right rowing is the perfect low-impact workout to help you burn fat, build strength, and improve cardiovascular health by engaging all major muscle groups. You don't need to sacrifice your budget to bring home this popular workout. You can get a feature rich rower with all the comfort, technology and durability you need for less than $500.

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