While many fitness enthusiasts enjoy running, not all runners enjoy performing other types of conditioning. As a runner, however, it is important to remember that running efficiently necessitates coordination between all of your muscles. Consider all that goes into it—not only are your leg muscles pushing against the ground; they're also working with your core to maintain the frequency of strides. Running requires a great deal of energy and oxygen, and without properly conditioning certain parts of your body it is more difficult to deliver them throughout your system.

Here are a few things you can do off the treadmill to make your running more effective and efficient.

Work Out Your Upper Body

While many people consider their legs to be the only important part of running, your back, neck, shoulders, and arms all play a key role in maintaining a good running position. Even if you only work out your upper body once a week, it will dramatically improve your performance as a runner. Try out a new exercise each week—pushups, bench presses, dumbbell curls, or any of the many other options.

Work Out Your Lower Body

It may seem obvious, but your lower body needs to be in great condition if you want to run your best. Using a weight of some kind in order to perform standing workout such as squats or lunges not only strengthens your core and increases your balance, it also build muscle which leads to an increase in running speed.

Work Our Your Abs and Lower Back

You abs and lower back play a key role in coordinating motion between your upper and lower body during a run, maintaining your stability and balance. Sit-ups, crunches, and hyperextensions are a great way to build strength in these regions.