Everything You Can Do with the TRX5500 Touchscreen

Jan 28, 2022

The all new TRX5500 Treadmill is the smarter way to exercise with the latest in touchscreen technology. Transform the console into your personal entertainment center with Bluetooth FTMS, preloaded apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. The streamlined display, profile capabilities, and workout programs ensure you'll get the best most informed workout around. Learn all about the numerous things you can do with the TRX5500 touchscreen!

Home Screen & Profiles

The beautiful, streamlined home screen provides you with an activity overview and suggests shortcuts to your training options. If in Guest mode, you can provide your physical data here, which will help the machine more accurately calculate your workout summary.

You can also create a profile, which allows your machine to remember your physical data, so you don't need to provide it every time you want to work out. Different users can choose different unit systems, select their personal favorite programs and save their own templates. Up to 9 profiles can be created, so each member of the family can have their own personal settings without interfering with each others stats.

Workout Programs

With 30 preset workout programs, you will have plenty of options to shake up your routine. Programs allow you to easily select a workout without having to adjust speed or incline during your run. They provide an engaging, effective, and calorie-burning workout each time you step on the treadmill.

In addition to the preset programs users also have the option to use templates. This allows you to create and save a totally customized workout. Every program can be saved as a template once adjusted or once completed. You can easily manage saved programs in the templates tab.

Internet & Apps

In this section there are a variety of third party apps to keep you entertained during your workout. The preloaded apps include Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and multiple news streaming services.

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring allows you to display content from your smartphones or tablets on the machine console utilizing the built-in Bluetooth FTMS. This opens up endless streaming capabilities: from movies, TV, popular workout apps like Zwift, Kinomap, and more!

Workout Views

During your workout you have the option to switch between 4 workout views. These views are Goal, Profile, Track, Internet, and Screen Mirroring.
  • Goal view displays the parameter that defines your workout finish (for example, for profile programs it is time counting down; for distance programs it is distance left).
  • Profile view shows your workout profiles and your current position in them.
  • Track view helps to imagine yourself making laps on a 1/4 mile track and shows your progress depending on distance covered.
  • Internet and Screen Mirroring work the same way as in non-workout mode. These views allow you to access apps and screen mirroring for endless entertainment.

With all these features and more, it is obvious why the TRX5500 is the smarter way to exercise. The TRX5500 makes it easier to stay motivated and entertained ensuring you'll never want to skip a workout! Check out the TRX5500 today and get started on your path to fitness.