There is a simple reason stationary bikes are a staple at every gym and rehabilitation center you enter – you can get an amazing workout, improve endurance and build strength with relatively low impact on your knees and joints.

While using a stationary bike may not seem like the most exciting equipment, it can be a powerhouse tool to help build up cardio or shed pounds. It’s an especially strong option for a person who has not been training and needs to build up some strength and endurance.


If you have a busy schedule and feel squeezed for time, buying a stationary bike for the home can be the most cost effective and space saving option.  Plus, you can train on your own time, in the comfort of your own home. With your mobile phone or tablet, you can also track your progress and stay motivated with a huge assortment of fitness apps.


Top 3 Reasons to incorporate Stationary Bike Training into your routine:  

  1. Low impact cardio:  Even though stationary bike is a low impact form of exercise, it can get your heart pumping as much as running. When you ride on a stationary bike most of your weight is on the cushioned seat, as opposed to running where the pounding and pressure can impact the knees and ankles. If you choose to get up out of the saddle and ride standing, you should have your resistance setting very high to maximize the session without hurting your knees. Even if you enjoy running, mixing in time on a stationary bike can give your joints rest and help you build a different set of muscles that requires a different level of endurance. Biking provides an aerobic workout that gets your heart rate up and helps burn fat.


  2. Targeted strength training: Using different levels of resistance on a stationary bike can help you target the large muscle groups in your lower body. Targeting these large muscle groups not only builds strength and stabilizes your joints, but it is a huge calorie burner. When you do interval training on a stationary bike that mixes sprints with high-resistance hill climbs, you will you’re your legs transform in a way no other exercise can achieve.


  3. Burn calories:  If you use the programmable setting available on most bikes, you can reach optimal calorie burning mode. Depending on the level of intensity, you can burn anywhere from 300-900 calories in an hour on a stationary bike. Check out this calorie burn calculator to determine how many calories you can burn in an hour.

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