Holiday time is hectic, between parties, shopping, cooking, and your normal work day activities, you can’t afford to get sick during this busy time. There’s a lot of people out and about and with that they are carrying germs, here’s some tips to stay on your feet throughout the season:

Wash your hands regularly: Any time you’re in the bathroom or before you eat, you need to wash your hands, and wash them well. You should wipe your hands with soap for 15-20 seconds and thoroughly scrub them before rinsing. It is also a good idea to have hand sanitizer with you at all times in case a bathroom is not convenient.

Get rest: Having a good amount of sleep every night is one of the best ways to maintain your immune system and fight sickness. Sleep keeps your brain moving and if your brain is functioning, it’s able to facilitate the healing processes in your heart and throughout your blood.

Exercise outdoors or in your house: The gym has a lot of germs, but it is important to get exercise and stay active. Try to get creative with your workouts and take them outside, try a new workout and work some different muscles. Another option is to stay inside and workout in the comfort of your own home with your XTERRA home fitness products.

Keep hands away from your face: Your hands carry germs year-round, and in the cold weather, they are more active, be sure to keep your hands off your face during this time of year. The easiest way to get ill is to have the germs travel through your face, make sure to have your hands covered or washed at all times.

Fresh air: Whether it’s making sure you get outside for a short period of the day or opening your windows, weather permitting, it’s important to get some fresh air. Your house can get a little stuffy with people sharing the same air, it’s important to open a window and freshen up the air your breathing.

Eat healthy: there’s a lot of bad food circulating around with candy and fatty foods at parties and gatherings, you need to balance that out with some healthy meals and an overall balanced diet. Carrying snacks, taking vitamin C & D, and eating some fruity foods are all very important nutrients to build your immune system and get ready to fight off bugs.

Stay hydrated: it’s important to drink enough water throughout the holidays, especially when you’re going to parties or places with a lot of food. Drinking enough water can help you stay healthy and keep you full.