I am Eric Davis, it’s been around 15 years I am involved in fitness & sports equipment industry. I wanted to share all the experience I have gathered over the years with everyone. That’s why I have made a website dedicated for elliptical trainers; EllipticalHUB.com: where we provide reviews, recommendation, comparison and training techniques. Here I am going to share the most effective method for fat loss with an elliptical trainer.

There are numerous benefits of losing fat - You feel better, you look better and you become healthier. There are no downsides of having a low body fat percentage. Unfortunately, your body does not want to give out fat, as it’s basically stored energy. Therefore our body wants to save it for emergency.

Among various ways to lose weight, the best and fastest way to lose body fat is to do cardio, early in the morning (on an empty stomach). Doing 30 minutes of cardio early in the morning on empty stomach is equivalent to doing cardio 1:30 hours later in the day.

The reason behind this is: in the morning your stomach is empty as you are fasting the entire time you have been on sleep. When you do cardio, your body will dig right into your fat storage (utilize the fatty acid) for the energy to keep you going. But the only way that will happen if you work out within your target Heart Rate zone. If you are on an XTERRA Elliptical trainer, you don’t need to calculate your HR zone. All of the XTERRA ellipticals come with heart rate monitors.

FS 5.4E, FS 5.6E and FS 5.8E you can check your current heart rate percentage on the display. Just maintain it within 70%-80% (this zone is called cardio – where your body burns fat to produce more energy) for 20-30 minutes. On FS 4.0E, you can select cardio or try to maintain HR zone within 70%-80% using the pulse grip sensor.

There are other benefits of doing cardio in the morning

  • It will keep your heart rate regular. It’s especially beneficial for people diagnosed with high blood pressure.
  • Your metabolism kicks in early in the day. And help you reduce fat even after that workout.
  • You will feel better for the rest of the day.

Will I lose muscle, if I work out in empty stomach? Please understand that, muscle tissue does not deplete that easily. If you are on your heart rate zone, there is almost no chance of losing any muscle.

Why do I need an elliptical trainer for cardio? Elliptical trainers give you a full body work out with minimum impact. You will not have a sore knee for the rest of the day if you use an elliptical. Plus the full body workout will help you lose more calorie than other methods of cardio.

Just give this method 2 weeks and experience the result by yourself.