Rachel and I have decided to move our hike forward as the weather is supposed to be perfect next weekend; clear but not too hot. Originally we had thought that getting back into shape would take a lot longer, but with the right equipment we've been able to surpass our expectations.

At first I started getting back into running simply to run and get some exercise in, but as I've remember the enjoyment I find in pushing myself physically, I've discovered how much I like using the conditioning programs that come with the TR 6.6 treadmill. And being able to easily monitor my speed and pulse and other factors of my workout allows me to set goals and watch myself break them.

As Rachel has steadily gotten back into shape, she too has been raising her fitness ambitions. In her early college years before life started to get too busy, she used to do a lot of rock and mountain climbing. Recently she has been pushing herself to use the higher levels of incline offered by her FS 5.4 elliptical (of which there are 20, and that's a lot of range), and Rachel has begun talking about getting back into climbing. It sounds great to me. I did a little bit of it when I was younger too, and I remember how amazing everything looks when you're at the peak of a mountain.

With one week left before our first dip back into outdoor adventure, my daily run has become even more exciting knowing that I'll be out on the trail again soon. And for the first time, I will be accompanied by my son!