You've raced toward your fitness goals with our Trail Racer line of treadmills. You've summited to the peak of health thanks to our Free Style line of ellipticals. Now we're moving through the summer, and as we draw closer to the autumn, you might be tempted to ask yourself: Where do you go from here?

But fear not — your adventure into health and fitness isn't over yet. In fact, it's just beginning.

We're excited to announce that this fall, will be expanding its already exciting product lines to offer two additional pieces of highly effective workout equipment to help you continue down your path to better health and conditioning, even when the weather turns and striking outdoors becomes more difficult.

We're still putting the finishing touches on these exciting debuts, but let us put it this way — when the summer ends and rain, snow, chilly temperatures, and harsh winds make outdoor exercise impossible, you'll still be able to keep on pedaling toward your health and fitness goals thanks to a new line of equipment from XTERRA Fitness.

Whether you're a dedicated bicycle commuter, an avid mountain biker, or you're simply looking to shed a few pounds and your old stationary bike is starting to feel outdated, has two exciting equipment lines coming your way soon.

Are you ready for a summer of health and fitness to carry over into the fall? Look to XTERRA Fitness for the advanced training you need to turn your fitness goals into fitness achievements.