There are a wide variety of different options when it comes to cardiovascular workout equipment—treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, and rowing machines. Over the course of the past two decades, another exercise machine that has met increasing popularity is the elliptical.

For some, elliptical machines are preferable simply due to the fact that they are easy and comfortable to use. There are, however, a range of additional benefits that make them highly effective exercise tools.

  • Non-Impact Exercise
  • There are a lot of people who suffer from joint and bone problems and need to avoid the impact delivered from running and other forms of exercise. Perhaps they have osteoporosis, torn ligaments, arthritis, or maybe they simply find that running on a treadmill causes an unpleasant level of aching or soreness. The gliding, fluid motion of an elliptical workout is an excellent option for people who are elderly, recovering from injury, or obese.

  • Full-Body Workout
  • While running on a treadmill or outside is a great way to tone the legs and burn calories, an elliptical delivers a workout to your entire body all at once. This can be a good way for people who don't have time for longer workout sessions to receive a comprehensive range of conditioning over a briefer period.

  • Intensive Calorie Burn
  • Studies have shown that elliptical machines offer one of the highest calorie burn rates, capable of burning as many as 400 in 30 minutes. And the more you weight, the more you burn, making it a great option for people looking to lose weight. You can also burn more by increasing the intensity of your workout through the machine's interval training programs or resistance levels.