July 7th 2013 Jonesboro, Arkansas - Following many years of dedication to fitness and sport, XTERRA Fitness is launching a new website on July 7, 2013 to promote the outstanding level of conditioning that can be achieved thanks to its rugged line of Trail Racer treadmills and Free Style ellipticals. Operating under the motto "Your adventure starts at home", XTERRA Fitness has designed these lines of equipment to deliver a lifetime of exceptional workout sessions that will help people accomplish their health and athletic goals.

The XTERRA Fitness lines of treadmills and ellipticals have been carefully developed to provide years of advanced training. Each piece of equipment is constructed out of heavy duty steel and high quality components, and every product is backed by a lifetime warranty. That coupled with the company's commitment to providing an unparalleled echelon of customer service ensures that every person who purchases a Trail Racer or Free Style can experience and unobstructed journey toward health and adventure.

The new website will feature in-depth product descriptions, ordering information, a regularly updated blog of different user experiences, and everything else XTERRA Fitness customers need to know in order to start down the road to the realization of their health aspirations.


The XTERRA Fitness line of treadmills and ellipticals has been specifically designed to provide every user with a lifetime of effective training. Not only is each XTERRA Fitness machine engineered to provide a comfortable and biomechanically advanced workout, they are also built to be highly durable—so durable in fact that XTERRA backs them with a lifetime warranty. The importance of your health does not diminish over time, and the XTERRA Fitness line is dedicated to providing equipment that will be a lifetime investment in your wellbeing and ability to continue along the path toward adventure.