Summer is rapidly approaching, and we're all in our last push to achieve our health and fitness goals and prepare for a season of outdoor adventure. That's why for a limited time only, XTERRA Fitness and the PEAR smart fitness training app have joined forces to give you a workout unlike any other.

Until midnight of May 31st, when you purchase any machine from XTERRA's lines of unrivaled treadmills and ellipticals, you get FREE access to the exclusive XTERRA channel on the PEAR training app. Usually a $50 value, you receive this outstanding array of highly effective workouts and training programs at no cost.

That means that you'll be bringing the gym-quality performance of an XTERRA treadmill or elliptical along with the personal training power of PEAR right to your own home – obtaining your fitness goals has never been easier.

XTERRA Equipment Plus the Real-time Training Power of PEAR: An Uncompromising Fitness Package

How does the PEAR smart training app work?

  • Professional training plans for everything from shedding weight to marathon preparation.
  • Real-time coaching, support, and feedback while you listen to your favorite workout soundtrack.
  • Post workout training results so that you can track your progress and share it with friends.

And the training power of PEAR goes beyond your XTERRA treadmill or elliptical. Use it in conjunction with an array of activities, from yoga to mountain biking. Bolstered with the at-home training power of the exclusive XTERRA channel, your fitness goals just got a few steps closer.

Purchase Your XTERRA Treadmill or Elliptical By May 31st and Receive Exclusive PEAR Access for Free – Now Let's Sweeten the Deal

When you bring home the training power of your XTERRA treadmill or elliptical, you receive access to the exclusive XTERRA workout channel on the PEAR smart training app, but that's not all. You also receive a coupon for 30% off all PEAR training gear, such as PEAR's Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor or the PEAR Stride Earphones.

So when you bring home your XTERRA treadmill or elliptical before May 31st, you receive free access to the exclusive XTERRA channel on PEAR (a $50 value) and a coupon for 30% off all PEAR gear? Yet another way XTERRA Fitness is working to help you meet your fitness goals and prepare for your summer adventure.

Ready to train smart? XTERRA and PEAR are here to deliver.