ERG650W Water Rowing Machine

  • Full-body workout – engage more muscle groups in less time
  • Over 15 programmed workouts
  • 6 water-based resistance levels
  • Advanced multi-impeller water tank for realistic rowing feel and results
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ERG650W Water Rowing Machine

Get The Most Out Of Your Training

The XTERRA Fitness ERG650W Rower is built to help you get the most out of your training. Rowing is known to be one of the most effective full-body workouts around, and we set out to make it fun and accessible for everyone. At its core are a water tank and durable, multi-bladed impeller designed to give you the most effective workout possible. The water tank provides a more authentic rowing feel and soothing sound. We took that idea a step further and angled our tank at 45-degrees for an increased range of resistance. The heavy-duty dual aluminum covered rails are built to provide a quiet, smooth, and efficient workout while withstanding a lifetime of regular use. The ERG650W includes 15 integrated programs to keep you motivated and on top of your training. And when you’re done, the rower easily stands up and stores away with the help of built-in transportation wheels.


Resistance Type Resistance Type Water
Resistance Resistance 6 Levels
Display Display 5"

Built to Last

Smooth rowing motion is delivered through a durable solid steel frame with dual aluminum slide rails.

On the Water Feel

Each water tank is pressure tested for long lasting performance while the impellers active motion through the water tank creates the similar peaceful sounds to actually rowing on the water.

Industry-Leading Warranty Coverage

  •   Lifetime frame
  •   2 years parts
  •   1 year in-home labor

Simple Yet
Effective Interface

Large 5.6” LCD monitor w/adjustable angle displays all your necessary workout information.

Informed Workout

Advanced console calculates performance measurements of Drag Force and Watts.

Programmable Modes

Keep workouts interesting with multiple programmable modes including: Quick Start, 5 Standard Modes, 4 Target Goals, 3 Work/Rest Modes, 4 Custom Work/Rest Modes, Repeats, Race.


Contoured Seat

Large contoured seat maximizes comfort and performance while the raised seat height (15” high) gets you on and off with ease.

Adjustable Pedals

Flex pedals move with you and the large adjustable straps ensure a secure fit no matter what size shoe you wear.

Ergonomic Rowing Handle

Contoured and padded handle for maximum comfort.


Built with All
Athletes in Mind

With adjustments that comfortably fit users up to 6'4" and the 350 lb user weight limit, the ERG650W accommodates users of all shapes and sizes.

for All Spaces

With standing storage capabilities and built in transportation wheels it won’t consume a room when not in use.

for Every Level

Easy-fill 45 degree water tank with up to 6 levels of resistance – determined by the amount of water used in the tank, lets you control the intensity of your workout, while providing a quiet and smooth rowing feel.


  1. D
    Diane Kansas
    Very nice professional grade low-impact, full-body rowing machine

    I am a 74 year old woman. I used to row for fitness at a fitness center, as well as running. I never thought I could have a professional grade rowing machine in my modest home, until now. The Xterra Fitness ERG650W Water Rowing Machine is just what I need. Assembly, with the help of a friend, was easy and quick. When not in use, this machine stores easily, having a out-of-the-way, relatively small footprint. The Xterra rowing machine offers a great range of resistance, depending on how much distilled water is in the water tank. Distilled water slows the build up of biofilm (the breeding ground for bacteria/mold/lime scale) on the impeller and interior walls of the water tank. Anybody between 5'1" inches to 6'4" inches tall and weighing less than 350 lbs. will find that this rowing machine offers a low-impact, full-body, fun, effective path to physical fitness. I easily removed the velcro foot straps (they serve no real function other than being obstructive). The heel cups on the foot rests ARE NECESSARY, but totally awkward because they are too high (the heels of my workout shoes get caught on them whenever I dismount). The machine designers/manufacturer might want to take another look at the foot rests on this machine... lose the velcro foot straps and lower the backs of the heel cups significantly (the backs of the heel cups only need to be about 1.5 inches high). I do appreciate the up/down adjustability of the foot rests. With the foot rests higher, my hip joints were complaining. I easily lowered the foot rests a couple inches, thus, lowering my legs, and solving that problem. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase, and I'm looking forward to years of low impact fitness rowing.

  2. M
    Excellent rower

    Great rower. Very solid aluminum frame. Ultimately, what sold me on this rower over the Waterrower brand was the nice aluminum frame over the wood. Much better price point with Xterra.

    Pros: looks great, rows VERY smooth, solid frame, easy to put together, nice handle, great price point.

    Cons: had it for a week now using it once a day and it’s very squeaky at the seat and the main console. Will get in touch with cust. service to see if WD40 is ok, foot holders are a bit uncomfortable but the straps are EXCELLENT compared to Concept2.

    Overall excellent quality. Never had a water rower before and I’ll never go back now. Without the squeaking, this would be an almost perfect rower. I recommend it for sure.

  3. P
    Great for price

    In college I was on the rowing team, but life happened and I never kept up with it. I have been "asking Santa" for a rowing machine for years and finally he (my wife) got me one! I knew I wanted a rower with water resistance, and the rest came down to price and features. For the price, this is way more fully featured and well-built than I expected. There are way more pre-programmed workouts than I will probably use, but my go-to has been the race against the computer which is fun. The other cool thing is that the rower actually folds up if you need to make some space, I've only had to fold it a couple of times but it was easy. If you're looking for a rower, I would definitely recommend this one. I am not sure how it's not twice the price, but I'm not complaining!

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  • Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (Included)
  • 45 Degree Angled Water Tank with 16 Impeller Blades
  • Water Resistance
  • Resistance Control: Water Level
  • 6 Levels of Resistance
  • Display: LCD No Color / No Backlight
  • Display Size: 5.1" x 2.4" (5.6“ diag.)
  • Readout: Time, 500M, SPM, Drag Force, Distance, Strokes, Total Strokes, Calories, Watt, Pulse (receiver built-in), Quick Start, Standard, Target (Interval/Single), Custom, Race
  • Programs: Race, Manual Time Countdown, Distance Countdown, Strokes Countdown, Calories Countdown
  • Console Buttons: Recovery, Reset, Enter, Start/Stop, Left, Right
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Set-Up Dimension: 79.5" L x 20.7" W x 33.9" H
  • Standing Dimension: 20.7" L X 26.5" W X 79.5" H
  • Product Weight: 76 lb
  • Max User Weight Capacity: 350 lb
  • Recommended User Height: 5’1” to 6’4”
  • Dual Aluminum Rail
  • Seat Height: 15"
  • Heart Rate Transmitter
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Lifetime Frame
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 1 Year Labor