Bring the unparalleled full-body workout of rowing home. Superior quality supported by an exceptional U.S. based customer service team.



These premium water rowers feature a water tank and durable, multi-bladed impellers designed to give you an effective calorie-burning workout while simulating an authentic rowing feel and soothing sound. Resistance is easily determined by the levels of water in the tank giving you full control over your workout.

Air & Magnetic

High performance rower combines air and magnetic resistance. With 16 levels of resistance and a 5.5 premium LCD console to track feedback, our air and magnetic rower will challenge you and bring your fitness to new levels.


Using air turbine resistance technology these rowers pull in air to simulate the feel of rowing. The conveniently located adjustments feature multiple resistance levels which regulate the airflow out of the air turbine. This allows you to quickly and easily control your resistance during your workout.


The magnetic flywheel resistance of these affordable rowing machines provides a smooth, quiet and easily adjustable workout to quickly adapt to the demands of your training. Made from the most durable materials they will last pull after pull.