Create Peloton Experience for Fraction of the Price

Jan 28, 2020

Workout classes streamed to your home are an excellent way to easily get a daily work out in. It's no wonder workout subscription apps like Peloton are skyrocketing in popularity. But the hefty price tag starting at $2,225 for a bike ($4,295 for a treadmill) $159 for special shoes/cleats that must be worn with the bike AND a $39/month membership fee required with product purchase means many simply can not afford it.

We've got good news! It's easy to get a feature-rich high-quality bike for a fraction of the cost. A sleek and durable bike model like the MBX2500 Indoor Cycle will exceed your expectations and with an affordable price of $649.99, it proves fitness can be accessible for all.

Pros of choosing the MBX2500:

  • Much more affordable without sacrificing quality
  • You do not need to spend an extra $159 for special shoes in order to use the MBX2500. You can use the favorite pair you already own and get moving!
  • You have the freedom of cancelling your monthly app subscription without limiting functionality
  • Better warranty. The Peloton bike has a 1 Year Limited Warranty, whereas the MBX2500 has a Lifetime Frame Warranty, 1 Year Parts, 1 Year In-home Labor and 1 Year Brake Warranty.
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy and affordable financing options available, so you can pay for your purchase over time. Learn more.

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To complete the Peloton experience, you can subscribe to a more affordable streaming app like CycleCast($9.99/month) , Studio Sweat On-Demand ($19.99/month) , or Peloton Digital ($12.99). These apps allow you to participate in virtual cycling classes using any indoor cycling bike and streaming device.

XTERRA Fitness strives constantly to promote health and make fitness accessible and we truly believe you shouldn't be limited by costly equipment or fees. We are dedicated to making a healthy lifestyle as easy and attainable as possible, which is why XTERRA Fitness equipment is designed with unrivaled durability at affordable prices. Use this Affordable Peloton Experience Hack to get started on your fitness journey today!

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