The Beginners Guide to Using a Treadmill

Mar 22, 2019

Getting started is the hardest part of beginning a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone is a seasoned athlete and it can be intimidating walking into a gym for the first time. The equipment can be daunting, especially if you’ve never used one before. Don’t let the fear stop you from working on your goals. Treadmills are a great way to get cardiovascular exercise. They allow you to track your progress and can be more consistent than outdoor running. You can run rain or shine. Lastly, they are easy to use!

Are you wanting to begin your journey to a healthier more positive you through treadmill exercise, but unsure on how to use one? Read our guide below to get started.

Get Prepared
The very first thing you should do is prepare yourself for working out. If needed, get the ok from a doctor. Gather your gym essentials: comfortable, well-fitting shoes and socks, breathable clothes that are easy to move in, and lots of water!

Warm Up
Don’t forget to warm up before and after each workout. Comfortably stretch and walk at a slow pace for a few minutes to loosen your joints and prepare your body for exercise.

Become Familiar with the Treadmill’s Settings
On the console you will find many settings you can use to help track and customize your workout. There will be a setting for speed, incline, programs and more. Notice where the start and stop buttons are. Knowing where and how to use these settings will keep you safe and give you the optimal setup for your individual workout needs.

Start Slow
As a beginner, it is best to start your workout slow. After your warmup, begin walking or jogging slowly until you build up the joint strength for faster speeds. After a few weeks of getting used to the treadmill slowly increase the speed and incline.

Be Creative
Once you are more comfortable with using a treadmill begin experimenting with preset workout programs in the treadmill settings. These programs are a good way to do interval training. Interval training is a type of training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. It increases endurance and helps burn fat. There are also hill workout programs that will increase intensity with incline and help build muscle strength.

Know Your Strengths
Treadmills do not have to be used for intense workouts. They allow you to set your own limits. Do you need an easy way to get a daily walk in without leaving the house? Do you need a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints? Are you just wanting to stretch your legs with a slow jog? Then a treadmill is perfect for you. Know your strengths and limits and use a treadmill to customize a safe workout. You can easily do this by monitoring your heart rate through most treadmills.

Have Fun
Making your treadmill experience enjoyable is key for creating lasting habits. Listen to upbeat music or catchup on your favorite shows while you work out. Don’t stress about how fast people around you are going. Feel good about moving and taking that first step to a healthier you. Have fun and enjoy your workout!

The above guide will help you get started on a treadmill. Use these tips for the gym or for your home treadmill. Don’t have a home treadmill? Get yours today.