How to Use Treadmill Lubricant

Apr 7, 2020

A treadmill is an important investment economically and more importantly an investment on your health and happiness. Take care of your investment by taking the proper steps to ensure your treadmill is running in tip-top condition. This means regularly applying lubricant to your treadmill's belt. Read below for all there is to know about using treadmill lubricant.

Why should you use Treadmill Lubricant?
Perfect for reducing friction between your treadmill belt and deck, lubricant will also help reduce noise, breathe life back into unused treadmills, and is an important part of regular treadmill maintenance.

What Treadmill Lubricant should you use?
Do not lubricate with anything other than XTERRA Fitness approved lubricant. Your treadmill comes with one tube of “Lube” and extra tubes can be ordered directly by calling XTERRA Sales at 870-336-4286.

How often should you use Treadmill Lubricant?
Depending on your model this time may vary. Some require lubricant more often. A general rule of thumb is every 40 hours of use, or 3 months, whichever comes first, but check your owners manual for specific time recommendations based on your model. Higher end models may not need as frequent lubrication, for example the TRX3500 recommends every 80 hours of use or earlier if you notice that the deck is dry or dirty.

Keeping the deck lubricated at the recommended intervals ensures the longest life possible for your treadmill. If the lubricant dries out, the friction between the belt and deck rises and places undue stress on the drive motor, drive belt and electronic motor control board, which could result in catastrophic failure of these expensive components.

How do you check your treadmill's belt lubrication?
It is recommended that you reach between the belt and deck to verify there is lubrication present, every other month.

  1. Ensure that your machine is off, and that the power cord is unplugged to minimize risk of injury.
  2. Reach between the running belt and the top of the treadmill base to verify that lubrication is present.

How do you use Treadmill Lubricant?
First, you want to clean between the belt and deck to remove any debris that may be trapped. Use a clean, non-fraying rag, t-shirt, or light towel. Halfway between the end of the treadmill and motor cover, shove the garment under the belt until you can grasp it on both sides of the belt. Drag the garment the length of the entire belt 1-2 times. Remove the garment.

Once clean, use the following procedure to apply the lubricant:
  1. Ensure that your machine is off, and unplugged to minimize risk of injury.
  2. Reach between the belt and the top of the treadmill base to verify that lubrication is present.
  3. While kneeling beside your treadmill deck, use one hand to hold the treadmill belt up and away from the treadmill base just enough so you can use your other hand to reach the lubrication underneath.
  4. Starting about 1 foot from the motor cover, begin applying 1⁄2 of your lubricant bottle in a long “S” pattern about 4-6” from one edge.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the opposite side using the remaining 1⁄2 of the lubricant bottle.
  6. Plug the treadmill power cord back in, and turn the power switch back on.
  7. Walk on the belt at a moderate speed for 5 minutes to evenly distribute the lubricant along the treadmill belt and deck.
  8. Your treadmill belt is now lubricated. Normal use can resume.

How do I reset the "LUBE' message on my treadmill's display?
In standby mode, hold the ENTER key for 3 seconds to reset the message.