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For a limited time, when you buy any XTERRA treadmill, bike, elliptical, rower, or stepper, you'll receive a 60-day FREE* trial of Kinomap!


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Staying fit just got more fun! XTERRA has partnered with Kinomap, the world’s largest geo-located video-sharing program! Experience what it's like to run, row, and bike all around the world! From basic to fully interactive, there is a Kinomap option available for you. See below for the connection that works best for your training.



Pair any compatible third-party device, watch, or sensor with Kinomap if your XTERRA equipment isn't Bluetooth-enabled. Check out a list of compatible third-party devices here.


For XTERRA equipment with a built-in Bluetooth receiver (non-FTMS), pair your machine to Kinomap to connect the data. Resistance and incline levels will still need to be adjusted manually from your machine and will not be controlled by the Kinomap app.

XTERRA units with Smart Connection capabilities include:


For XTERRA equipment that is Bluetooth-FTMS enabled, pair your machine directly with Kinomap and your equipment will automatically adjust to the inclines and resistance of real-world routes — You will feel as if you are training at the scenic places you are viewing on your screen!

XTERRA units with Interactive Connection capabilities include:

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Exercise All Over the World


Which XTERRA models are compatible with Kinomap?

Kinomap pairs and connects with devices that have built-in Bluetooth or Bluetooth FTMS technology. You can pair Kinomap to the following XTERRA models:

XTERRA units with Smart Connection capabilities include:

  • WS200
  • SB240
  • ERG180
  • ERG550W
  • ERG800W

XTERRA units with Interactive Connection capabilities include:

  • TRX5500
  • TRX4500
  • TRX3500
  • TRX1400
  • WS300
  • TR260
  • TR85
  • TR75
  • TR65
  • SB600

Who should I contact for questions about Kinomap?

For issues with Kinomap functionality or questions about how to use Kinomap, contact Kinomap Customer Support. Visit the Kinomap Support website and click "Submit a request."

Do I need a credit card to activate my free trial?

No. You can activate your free trial using just the free code you received during sign-up.

Will I be charged automatically after my 60-day trial ends?

No. Because Kinomap does not require credit card information to activate your trial code, you will not be charged after your 60-day trial period ends unless you choose to continue your Kinomap membership. For questions about billing or your account, please contact Kinomap Support.

How do I set up my Kinomap account?

You must create your Kinomap account from the Kinomap website by visiting Once your account has been created, download the Kinomap mobile app to your phone or tablet. Important: You cannot create your account from the Kinomap app. You must create your account on the Kinomap website first. Visit the Kinomap Support website to learn more about how to create an account.

How do I connect my equipment with Kinomap?

Once you have created your Kinomap account and downloaded the mobile app to your phone or tablet, follow the steps within the app to pair your equipment. Follow along with the step-by-step guide here: How to Connect Your Equipment.

Does Kinomap control the speed of my machine?

No. For safety and security reasons, Kinomap does not control the speed of your machine. Visit the Kinomap Support website to learn more.

Can I pair a heart rate monitor or RPM sensor with Kinomap?

Yes. Visit the Kinomap Support website to learn how.

What are the basic system requirements for Kinomap?

  • iOS: Version 12.3
  • Android: Version 5.0 + a GPS chipset and 1GB RAM minimum
  • Internet: At least 10Mb/s download speed