The Top 5 Benefits of Using a Recumbent Stepper

Jul 19, 2022

Looking to add equipment to your home gym that is joint-friendly and able to help you get a full-body workout? The recumbent stepper might be just what you are looking for. Recumbent steppers allow you to exercise in a reclined position while reducing the impact on joints such as your hips, knees, and ankles. Interested in learning more about the benefits of a recumbent stepper? Read on to learn more about the top five benefits of this machine.

The Perfect Machine for Low Impact Workouts

Whether you are looking for a machine that will help you prevent an injury or for equipment you can use safely while recovering from one a recumbent stepper is the perfect fit. The seated design is both comfortable and designed to reduce impact making it an easy-to-use choice.

Get a Full Body Workout Without Putting Stress on Your Joints

Recumbent steppers are designed to help you work out your upper body, legs, and core making them great for low impact full body workouts. This versatility makes it easy to reach your strength training goals or switch things up for heart-pumping aerobic exercise for weight loss.

Built for Accessibility

One of the absolute best features of recumbent steppers is that they can be used by everyone, even those with limited mobility and in cases where other machines may not be an option. These machines are often designed to make it easy to step into and out of to prevent injury.

For example, the XTERRA Fitness RSX1500 Seated Stepper was designed with a walk-through frame and padded handlebars for both easy entry and exit. It is also equipped with self-balancing foot pedals and easy-adjust ratcheting straps for added security.

Raise Your Heart Rate Without Risk of Injury

Curious about recumbent steppers and weight loss? You might be surprised to find that seated steppers can also be an excellent tool for low-impact cardio workouts. This makes steppers especially helpful for targeted workouts that can help you improve your heart health and lose weight. The best models for high-intensity interval training include built-in heart rate monitors or sensors built into the handlebars. Several models also include a variety of pre-programmed workouts to help you reach your fitness goals more easily.

Designed for Maximum Comfort

The seated stepper was designed to provide an incredibly comfortable and easy-to-use experience. They often offer features such as extra padding, and hand grips and are made to provide a smooth experience. XTERRA Fitness recumbent steppers include articulating hand grips that rotate 360 degrees with smooth and durable bearings. They also include high-quality seats with mesh back that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Interested in Learning More About Low Impact Workouts?

Recumbent steppers have a variety of benefits that make them an excellent choice for just about everyone looking to improve their health without damaging their joints. If you are interested in learning more about low-impact workouts or recumbent steppers check out the articles listed below. Or the XTERRA Fitness Blog for our more recent posts about fitness and motivation.

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