Connect To Your Favorite Fitness Apps

Feb 5, 2021

Take your workout to the next level and stay connected to the apps that inspire you with Bluetooth FTMS 4.0 capabilities in select XTERRA Fitness equipment.

Which XTERRA Fitness Products have Bluetooth FTMS 4.0?

Important Compatibility Information for the TRX3500 Treadmill and TRX4500 Treadmill

The new Bluetooth FTMS capabilities are only available on models manufactured after 11/1/19. Your model is compatible if you purchased your product in the US and the serial number is:

 Model  Serial Number
 TRX4500  Anything After 1458171910000991
 TRX3500  Anything After 1358171910005234

If you plan on purchasing your product from a dealer, verify Bluetooth capabilities of the model before purchase.

Sync With These Popular Fitness Apps

Apps With FTMS - The apps below will sync directly to your treadmill via FTMS technology. This means you simply turn on your machine, turn your phone's Bluetooth on, download the app, pair your device through the app and get running!

 App  Description
 Interactive racing and training app
 Heart rate tracking
 Train all over the world with real life videos
 Adaptive training personalized to reach your goals

Share Data Via XTERRA App, Apple Health or Google Fit - The apps below sync with XTERRA App, Apple Health or Google Fit to send workout data from your treadmill to your fitness profile.

 App  Description
 Log activities and take control of your goals
Map My Run
 Mobile run tracking experience
 Workouts streamed live and on demand
Map My Walk
 Mobile walk tracking experience
 Track your run and see results
 Track and analyze every aspect of your activity
 Tack activity and record workouts
Map My Fitness
 Track gym workouts, runs, and go further

 Unlimited access to thousands of workouts
Training Peaks
 On-the-go companion for triathletes, cyclists and runners who are serious about achieving their goals
 Helps you create and manage your fitness routines
 World-class coaches, hit music, and rewards
Gold's AMP Fitness & Training
 In-app¬†audio & video-guided workouts
 Transports you to hundreds of iconic destinations from your cardio machine