Having an effective home gym makes sticking to fitness goals so much easier. You do not have to carve out the time to pack a gym bag, drive to the gym, find an open machine, then finally get your actual workout in. Instead you simply walk down the hall and get going. No sharing equipment with strangers, no awkward eye contact as you lift weights and best of all you can turn your workout playlist to full volume! But how do you get started with a home gym? XTERRA Fitness makes it easy with XTERRA Fitness Cardio Equipment and Total Fitness Kit.

Step One: Find the Cardio Machine Right for You
The biggest staple of a home gym is a cardio machine. There are many options to choose from so picking a machine that is best for your fitness goal is important.

Treadmills – Great way to stick to your walking or running goals. Get your steps in no matter how hot, cold or rainy it is outsides.
Ellipticals – Maximize your workout. Get both your upper and lower body moving. Low impact is helpful for those with joint issues.
Bikes – Excellent for those needing low impact cardiovascular exercise with minimal pressure on joints.
Rowers – Ultimate full body workout. Strengthens your core and builds endurance.
Seated Stepper – Great machine to increase mobility. It offers low impact full body workout with minimal stress on lower body joints.

Step 2: Complete Your Home Gym with the Right Equipment
Once you’ve chosen a cardio machine complete your home gym setup with an XTERRA Total Fitness Kit. For a limited time, this kit is FREE with your purchase over $599 on XTERRA Fitness.
Please note this kit will be shipped separate from your qualifying order.

Exercise Ball - Develop your balance, tone your core and improve your posture with this Exercise Ball. It is eco-friendly and made from high quality durable material. It is burst resistant up to 300 lbs.
Dual Wheel Ab Toner - Improve all areas of your core with the Dual Wheel Ab Toner. Ideal to work upper, lower, transverse and oblique areas of your abdomen. The 2 wheels provide a smooth and true roll.
Adjustable Jump Rope – Burn calories and melt away fat with the Adjustable Jump Rope. Easy to adjust for all users. Learn new tricks such as crossovers, boxer swings, double jump, single leg, high knee and more.
Push Up Bars – Get creative with push-ups with the easy to use Push Up Bars. A push up is a classic and effective exercise and the Push Up Bars allow you to change angles, positions and work all the areas possible. They allow you to do a wide grip push-up, narrow grip push-up, regular push-up, straight arm plank, dips and off set push-ups.
Hot/Cold Foot Roller – Recover from injury quickly with the Hot/Cold Foot Roller. Carefully designed to massage all areas of your feet up to the lower calf and shins. Nubs on the roller draw extra stimulation and increase blood flow. All this means you feel better, heal quicker and give yourself the best opportunity for comfortable living, increased level of performance and overall foot health.
Bodyweight Gym Elite – The Bodyweight Training Elite brings versatile and effective fitness training right to you. Take it with you anywhere, making it an easy addition to your home gym. Whether you want the straps together or apart, narrow or wide it is up to you and allows for true flexibility in your training.

Build the ultimate home gym with equipment that has been carefully developed to bring a sleek and elegant addition to your living space that will provide everything you need to attain fitness and bring adventure and achievement nearer with every training session. Get started today, Free XTERRA Total Fitness Kit available while supplies last.