The Best Exercise Equipment for Low Impact Workouts

Jul 8, 2022

Low-impact exercises have a variety of benefits. They can increase your heart rate and help you build strength without putting stress on your joints. Low-impact cardio workouts are helpful for those recovering from injuries or for anyone looking to lose weight without the risk of injury. The right equipment can help you take your low-impact workout routine to the next level. Ready for something more than yoga mats, resistance bands, jump ropes, and foam rollers? Check out these five machines to help you get the most out of your low-impact workout.


If you are looking for a versatile machine to help you get an intense workout with maximum benefits without straining your joints, you might want to consider investing in a rowing machine. A rower can help you get a full body workout no matter your fitness level. They are easy to use and are highly effective for fat burning. They are also an excellent choice for strength training workouts. The whole body movement and resistance will help you increase the calories you burn while helping you build your core, arms, and legs. XTERRA Fitness has a wider variety of high-quality rowing machines, from the compact magnetic ERG220 that fits in any space to the ERG650W, which is equipped with six water-based resistance levels and an advanced multi-impeller water tank for a realistic rowing feel.

Seated Steppers

Have you ever heard of a recumbent stepper? A recumbent machine or seated stepper is a fitness machine that allows you to work out in a reclined position. These machines were designed with accessibility in mind and were created to help those who might not be able to use other types of fitness equipment due to age or risk of injury. Unlike many other types of equipment, seated steppers are easy to get in and out of. They are the perfect machine for those who are looking for equipment that can provide comfortable, low-impact workouts while reducing the stress on their bodies.


You might be surprised to find treadmills are on the list of low-impact machines as they are often associated with high-impact workouts such as running, but they can also be great for low-impact exercise as well. Treadmills can be the perfect tool to help you safely get a brisk walk in no matter the weather or the time of day. They are perfect for beginners and for those who are recovering from an injury. Looking to add intensity over time? Many treadmills have the ability to add an incline to your walk. Adding an incline can increase your heart rate without increasing the impact on your joints.


Looking for a machine that is joint-friendly and has the ability to help you get in a good cardio workout? The elliptical might be the machine you are looking for. In fact, this is one of the many reasons ellipticals are often recommended to people who are recovering from injuries. Ellipticals can help you mimic the running motion without straining your joints, enabling you to get the benefits of running without the risk of injury. They are perfect for those who want cardio and for people who are looking to work out their lower body. XTERRA Fitness has a variety of high-quality elliptical machines designed to maximize comfort while providing the perfect low-impact cardio exercise. They also have two different hybrid models that give you the option to work out from both standing and a seated position.

Looking for More Fitness Tips?

Low-impact workouts are good for beginners; they reduce the risk of injury, they can increase your range of motion, and they can lower your blood pressure. Each of these four machines are an excellent choice if you are looking to take your low-impact workout routine to the next level. Are you interested in learning more about low-impact workouts? Check out our blog for more fitness tips.