We're coming up on another Father's Day, and this year it's time to get him something more useful than a tie. Help jump-start your dad's adventure into health and conditioning by getting him a treadmill or elliptical from XTERRA Fitness. And for a limited time, we're making it easier than ever by offering $100 off any purchase over $998.

From June 1st until noon on June 16th, save $100 on the training power of an XTERRA treadmill or elliptical by adding the DAD100 coupon to your shopping cart. At the click of a button, you'll have saved $100 while giving your dad the gift of health.

Not only will your dad's new treadmill or elliptical help him get in shape for his upcoming summer adventures – it will also help him be around for many more Father's Days to come. The benefits of aerobic exercise are many:

    • Improved cardiovascular efficiency
    • Lowered cholesterol
    • Decreased resting heart rate
    • Weight loss
    • Strengthened immune system
    • Reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer
    • Improved mood
    • Maintained mobility and mental function with age

Bottom line – that all adds up to a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.

So for this Father's Day, give the gift that will keep on giving for a lifetime. Start your father down the path to health and adventure with a treadmill or elliptical from XTERRA and save $100.