The holidays are always a time people put their diets on hold and sway off their workout plans because of all of the festivities. It is important to set aside sometime to exercise and to overall have your health in the back of your mind. There are plenty of small tips to help you stay on course.


-          Wash your hands: germs are all around during the holidays and it’s the one time of year you really can’t get sick. Staying clean and washing your hands can keep the flu and the holiday bug away.

-          Keep Moving: stay active as much as possible. Despite the obvious of exercising to keep your health up to par, exercising can eliminate some unneeded stress that the holidays can bring upon.  A lot of people say it’s even a good idea to exercise extra, maybe add an extra run to your weekly workout load or do 100 more pushups, anything to get your heart pumping.

-          Avoid Overeating: Thanksgiving and Christmas parties tend to have a ton of food, it’s important to not stuff your face completely. The most important thing to do is eat a little slower and to pay attention to when you’re full. Putting a good amount of veggies on your plate or staying hydrated before the meal can help you stay full without wasting calories. 

-          Relax: There is a lot of craziness going on around the holidays, between gift shopping, cooking, and meeting some work deadlines, it’s important to take some you time and forget about everything. Whatever you like to do that gets your mind off everything, do that to ease your stress.

-          Stay Motivated: The day after a big meal, make sure to get out and get active. Even if it’s a shorter than normal workout, it’s important to get up and burn off some of those calories. Even just an evening walk can burn off some calories and go a long way as opposed to sitting on the couch.

The Holidays are here and you need to make sure to get through them with your health. If you do the smart things and keep your body healthy, you may be able to get through the holidays without swaying off your diet too much!