Top 5 XTERRA Fitness Upright Stationary Bikes

Aug 21, 2020

When you hear the term "exercise bike" you typically picture the classic upright stationary bike. They are one of the most popular cardio machines of all time. They are compact, affordable and provide an exceptional calorie-burning workout in the comfort of your home. Deciding on which upright stationary bike to purchase can seem daunting. There are many options available, each designed with specific fitness levels, budgets, and spaces in mind.

What exactly makes an exercise bike "upright"? It's all about your body position. If your body sits above the bike as if you are on a traditional mobile bike then it is considered an upright bike. If your body is in a reclined position then it is a recumbent bike.

An upright bike gives you a consistent workout that is closer to the same workout you would receive when riding outdoors. They engage your core and provide a full body exercise due to your position while a recumbent mostly focuses on your legs.

We've compiled the best upright stationary bikes from XTERRA Fitness below. Find the bike that best fits your needs or browse the full selection of home exercise bikes by clicking here.

1. MB550 Indoor Cycle - Premium Performance

The MB550 Indoor Cycle combines quality, performance and great looks in a solid upright stationary bike design. The heavy 48.5 lb precision balanced flywheel is chrome plated to prevent corrosion and ensure a smooth ride every time. The belt drive fixed gear never needs to be oiled like a chain drive system. It is fully adjustable and features ergonomic handlebars for ultimate comfort.

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2. MBX2500 Indoor Cycle - For the Adventure Seeker

The sleek styling and innovative rear drive frame design of the MBX2500 Indoor Cycle make this a great option for riders of all fitness levels. Whether you're looking to shed a few pounds or prepare for the bicycling adventure of a lifetime, the MBX2500 will exceed your expectations. From the heavy 48.5 lbs precision balanced flywheel and smooth belt drive system to the electronic console and full adjustability, every aspect of the MBX2500 helps users keep moving and stay motivated.

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3. AIR650 Airbike Pro - For Unlimited Calorie Burning Resistance

An air bike is a staple in any crossfitter's gym. That's because it offers a tremendous calorie burning workout due to the unlimited range of air resistance that provides low resistance at slow speeds and high resistance at fast speeds. Simply put, it increases resistance the harder you work. Few other full body workouts are as low impact, easy to use, and burn so many calories in such a compact design.

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4. FB360 Folding Bike - The Space Saver

The FB360 Folding Bike offers a smooth lower-body workout in a convenient folding frame design for easy, on demand storage and set-up. The small footprint helps maximize your use of space making this a great option for those who want a low-impact, heart-healthy workout at home, but don't have the room for a larger piece of equipment. When not it use simply fold up the FB360 and store it away.

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5. UB120 Upright Bike - Budget Friendly

The UB120 is a great option for those with a smaller budget, but still want a low-impact and effective workout from the comfort of their home. With 8 levels of on-demand resistance, riders of all levels are sure to get a workout that is perfectly matched to their fitness level and desired intensity. Features like multi-grip padded handles, an adjustable padded seat, and oversized adjustable pedals ensure a secure and comfortable ride. The UB120 combines comfort, convenience and affordability in a solid yet compact frame design.

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The above bikes are just some of XTERRA Fitness's exceptional indoor exercise bike options. The wide range of cardio equipment offered means there's a perfect fit for every budget, space, and fitness level. Shop the full selection of exercise bikes.