Should I Buy an Elliptical or a Treadmill?

Sep 8, 2020

Two of the most popular indoor cardio equipment options are the classic treadmill and elliptical. They both provide an effective, comfortable and calorie-burning home workout with advanced technological features. With either option you can benefit from easy access to home fitness and explore numerous options for every budget, space and fitness level. So, which one should you go with? We’ve broken down the differences below, going in depth on the advantages, benefits and cons to help you make an informed decision.

What are the design differences between a treadmill and an elliptical?

A treadmill has a large flat deck usually with cushioning that is intended for running, jogging or walking. It generally has a larger console area with features like cup holders or larger reading racks for books and electronic devices. They have a folding frame design and transport wheels for easy storage when the treadmill is not in use.
An elliptical has a smaller console, but many still have room for a reading rack to hold a book or electronic device. The comfortable food pedals and handlebars move together during workout to provide a full body low impact movement. The frame does not fold, but transport wheels provide easy mobility.

What are the pros of a treadmill?
Many studies show that treadmills burn more calories. They also provide a workout that closely resembles outdoor running making treadmills the superior choice for athletes training for a marathon or race. Treadmills are the most classic cardio equipment option and have been the staple for every gym out there. They allow you to get a high calorie-burning aerobic exercise no matter the weather outside. Too hot to do your typical outdoor run? Just hop on your treadmill and get going.

What are the pros of an elliptical?
While they may not burn as many calories as treadmills, ellipticals still provide an effective workout that can help you lose weight. They also minimize impact on joints by simulating a running motion without having to touch the ground or in the case of a treadmill, a deck. The moveable handles provide resistance to your upper body giving you an arm and leg workout simultaneously. The minimal impact of an elliptical make them a great option for those who are slightly intimidated by treadmills or those who are suffering with an injury.

What are the cons of a treadmill?
Treadmills burn more calories due to the amount of exertion they require. While this burns more calories, it can also feel daunting to those who are newer to exercise. A treadmill can also cause some impact to joints. This impact is a positive to those wanting to build endurance, supplement outdoor running or train for a race, but for those with certain injuries an elliptical may be the better option.
What are the cons of an elliptical?
An elliptical simulates the movement of running but does not provide a true running experience. While this minimizes impact, it can be a negative for those wanting to build endurance for a race or outdoor running. They also tend to burn fewer calories than treadmills.
Which should I choose?
That all depends on your fitness goals and health. If you’re looking for a low impact full body workout then an elliptical is a great choice. If you’re wanting a high calorie burning traditional running, walking or jogging workout, then a treadmill is for you. Both will help you lose weight and reach your goals.
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