What Are the Health Benefits of Rowing?

Sep 26, 2022

Thinking about getting a rowing machine to add to your home gym but feeling unsure about the benefits? The rowing machine is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that provides a variety of health benefits. Rowing can help you achieve intense cardio workouts, build strength, improve your mental health, and can prevent injury. Keep reading to learn more.

Rowing is a Full Body Workout

Rowing machines may be the single piece of gym equipment that can help you achieve a total body workout. While most machines only target one or two muscle groups, rowing machines engage your core, lower and upper body. According to a recent study, you use up to 86% of the muscles in your body while rowing. This makes a rowing machine the perfect piece of equipment for those who have limited space but want a workout that will help them achieve their fitness goals. For example, the XTERRA Fitness ERG160 Magnetic Rowing Machine was designed with easy storage in mind.

You Can Build Both Strength and Work on Cardio

The versatility of the rowing machine allows you to get your heart pumping, giving you an intense cardio workout while building muscle. This is perfect if you have a limited amount of time. With a rowing machine, you do not have to sacrifice results because you are on a tight schedule. You can work on strength training and get in your aerobic exercise in as little as fifteen minutes. Many models provide a range of resistance levels giving you control over the level of intensity. The ERG650W is equipped with six water-based levels of resistance to choose from. Its advanced multi-impeller water tank also offers a realistic rowing feel.

It is a Great Workout for People of All Fitness Levels

Rowing machines are both accessible and great for those with limited mobility. They can reduce your risk of injury because they are designed for low-impact workouts. They make it possible to get an intense workout and a high-calorie burn without damaging your joints. They can even help improve mobility for those struggling with joint movement. One study found that those who spent time rowing over two months saw a 30 percent improvement in the rotation of their elbow, shoulder, and knee joints.

Improve Your Posture

Did you know that your rowing routine and using the proper form can improve your posture? Rowing machines target and engage the muscles in your posterior chain. This is the large muscle group located on the backside of your body. Working this group of muscles improves balance and has a positive impact on your posture. Strengthening these muscles can also reduce your risk of injury.

Rowing For Stress Relief

There is no denying that regular exercise can improve your health in a variety of ways. However, mental health and stress relief are often overlooked. Rowing workouts can get your body moving and your endorphins flowing, helping you to improve your fitness and your mood at the same time. Both magnetic rowers and water rowers can be more soothing than other equipment. The rhythm and sound can create a hypnotic and even relaxing rowing experience.

Do You Want to Learn More About Indoor Rowing?

Rowing can help you improve your overall health throughout the entire year. They provide high-intensity workouts that maximize results without damaging your joints. Interested in learning more about rowing or looking for more fitness tips? Check out the XTERRA Fitness blog for more.