TRX4500 Treadmill

  • Built-in Bluetooth connects to your favorite apps
  • Reader-friendly 7.5" bright blue backlit LCD - clearly displays program profile, time, speed, pace, distance, calories, incline, and pulse
  • Motivating programs include 30 pre-set, 2 custom, 1 heart rate control, and manual options
  • Smooth and powerful XTERRA high torque 3.25 HP motor
  • Handlebar mounted speed and incline controls
$1499.99 $2099.99


TRX4500 Treadmill


The premium TRX4500 Treadmill enables users of all fitness levels to challenge themselves and maximize their results. The heart pounding speed range up to 12 mph and 15 different levels of incline is powered by a smooth and quiet XTERRA 3.25 HP motor. An included chest strap heart rate transmitter and handlebar mounted hand pulse sensors give you two ways to monitor your heart rate. The oversized 20” x 60” XTRASOFT deck cushioning technology provides maximum impact absorption. The console offers a reader-friendly 7.5" bright blue backlit LCD display. 30 pre-set programs offer variety to your workout. Plus, with Bluetooth FTMS users get the ultimate workout by connecting to popular third party apps. Easily adjust your pace and incline with the direct access speed and incline buttons for fast workout changes directly on the console or through the remote side handlebar mounted controls. High-quality built in speakers make it easy to listen to your favorite tunes, and a cooling fan keeps you comfortable. With the Lift Assist and Safe Drop design, you can safely and easily fold and set up the treadmill between uses. The integrated carriage design with transport wheels provide easy storage and mobility.


Moto Motor 3.25 HP
Running Surface Running Surface 20" X 60"
Speed Speed 0 - 12 mph
Incline Incline 15 levels
Incline Bluetooth FTMS 4.0

Powerful Motor

Smooth and quiet high torque 3.25 HP motor covered by a lifetime warranty.

Built to Last

Made with a heavy-gauge welded steel frame for ultimate durability.

Industry-Leading Warranty Coverage

  •   Lifetime frame and motor
  •   5 years deck
  •   2 years parts
  •   1 year in-home labor

Bluetooth Connectivity

Built-in Bluetooth FTMS keeps you engaged with your favorite fitness apps. Explore virtual training, share workout data, and more. Smart devices and subscriptions not included.

Simple Yet
Effective Interface

The easy to read bright blue LCD displays and tracks your workout feedback including program profile, time, speed, pace, distance, calories, incline, and heart rate.

A Workout for Everyone

30 built-in programs as well as space for 2 custom programs offer variety to your workout.

Direct Speed
and Incline

Preset speed and incline buttons for quick and easy updates to your workout.


Handlebar Controls

Handlebar mounted speed and incline controls give you an additional option to easily adjust speed and incline. Located in a perfect position for a comfortable and secure workout.

Deck Cushioning

XTRASOFT deck cushioning technology provides maximum impact absorption exactly where you need it when walking, jogging or running.

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Designed Console

  • Reading rack for a phone, tablet or book
  • Built-in fan to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Cup holders to help you stay hydrated

Heart Rate Monitoring

An included wireless chest strap heart rate transmitter and built-in hand pulse sensors on the handlebars keep users in their desired training zones.


Built with All
Athletes in Mind

Large 20" x 60" belt plus the 350 lb user weight limit accommodates users of all shapes and sizes.

for All Spaces

Lift Assist and Safe Drop feature helps you safely and easily fold and set up the treadmill. While the integrated carriage design with transport wheels provide easy storage and mobility.

for Every Level

0-12 mph speed range accommodates a range of fitness abilities. Up to 15 levels of incline helps you control the intensity of your workout.


  1. R
    Russ TN
    Great value and performance

    Purchased from Academy Sports. Delivery was about 10 days early and I paid the movers to take to my workout room. I must admit that I needed a second person to hold the uprights when connecting the computer cables. Had one scratch on left upright that had decal applied over it (factory must have known). The look, feel, and performance are exactly what I needed and wanted. I am very satisfied with this purchase after one month.

  2. B
    Beth FL
    Love the Zwift Connection

    This is an amazing treadmill. I love the connection to Zwift. Has improved my workouts so much.

  3. E
    Quality Treadmill - four stars

    Overall I am happy with the value and quality of the TRX4500. I would give it four stars. It is a quality build and looks like it will last a long time. The unit is heavy, so when setting up ensure you have two strong people helping, with three recommended. It helps if you unpack the box and move some parts separately to lighten the load. You may need help putting the side arms on. The electrical wires can be tricky, so make sure you don't crimp them when putting on the console. I recommended wrapping in electrical tape to ensure against future wear.manu

    Pros: fairly quiet, many programs, two user programs, very good display, heart and pulse monitor (didn't use), small fan, music input with speakers (didn't use), fold up option (didn't use)

    Cons: The main reason I did not give this five stars is because the unit does not turn off automatically after non use. If you don't turn it off, the display stays on forever, and the fan blows if you happened to have it on. I find it very irritating to have to turn off the unit at the botton switch. The second major con is that there is no easy way to re-use the last program you were using, and to simply use that program for a different time period. I plan on using my own user program, but to execute that program I have to press a button 31 times to get to it, and if I want to change the time for a run, I need to enter my name (five button presses, age, weight, and then time). At over 40 button presses I am afraid they will wear out too soon. There needs to be a way to simply get back to the last program you used and go with minimal interaction.

    Didn't Use: music input, heart rate monitor, fold up option

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  • 110V Cord/Outlet Power Source
  • 3.25 HP Motor
  • 0.5 -12 mph Speed Range
  • 15 Levels of Electronic Incline
  • Display: LCD blue/Backlit
  • Display Size: 6.6" x 3.6" (7.5" diag.)
  • Feedback: Program Profile, Time, Speed, Pace, Distance, Calories, Incline, and Pulse
  • Programs: 30 Preset, 2 Custom, 1 Heart Rate Control
  • Bluetooth FTMS 4.0
  • Audio Jack
  • Built-In Speaker
  • Direct Speed Buttons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 mph
  • Direct Incline Buttons: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 incline
  • Set-Up Dimension: 77.2" L x 35.5" W x 56.1" H
  • Folded Dimension: 51.2" L x 35.5" W x 65.8" H
  • Shipping Dimension: 81.7" L x 30.7" W x 17.3" H
  • Item Weight: 213.9 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 240.3 lb
  • Max User Weight Capacity: 350 lb
  • Folding Frame with Lift Assist
  • 2 ply, 1.6 mm Belt
  • 7.75" Step Up Height
  • 20" x 60" Running Surface
  • 25 mm Running Deck Thickness
  • XTRASoft Deck Cushioning
  • Remote Handlebar Controls
  • Hand Pulse Sensors
  • Heart Rate Transmitter
  • Cooling Fan
  • Acessory Tray
  • Cup Holder
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Lifetime Frame
  • Lifetime Motor
  • 5 Years Deck
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 1 Year In-Home Labor