10 Unexpected Benefits of a Rowing Machine

May 28, 2021

Thanks to rowing machines you can now bring the lucrative sport of rowing home. Rowing machines, also known as indoor rowers or ergometers, are used to simulate the feeling of rowing on the water, allowing you to have all the calorie-burning benefits of outdoor rowing, but in the comfort of your home. The once rare piece of equipment are now a staple to many home gyms. In fact many serious athletes, from Olympians to NFL players, incorporate rowing machines into their fitness routines.

Why are rowing machines a must-have for your home gym? Read below for 10 unexpected benefits of rowing.

  1. The full body rhythmic nature of rowing plus intense resistance makes it wonderfully efficient at burning calories. You could burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour.
  2. The full body movement and resistance is also effective for building strength in both arms and legs.
  3. Flexibility will also be improved over time due to the rowing motion and slight stretching of the body.
  4. Rowing is impact-free making it easier on joints compared to a treadmill or other cardio machines.
  5. While they seem complicated they are in surprisingly extremely easy to use. Making it a great option for athletes of all fitness levels.
  6. The rowing movement can be a lot of fun. You'll look forward to your rowing workouts.
  7. Rowers that have water tanks provide a "zen-like" water movement and sound that can be soothing and meditative
  8. There are many inexpensive options making this machine great for those on a budget.
  9. Get an effective workout in a smaller time frame. A daily 20 minute rowing workout more than covers the CDC's recommendation of 75 minutes of vigorous movement per week.
  10. It's a great size and weight for a home gym. It is lighter than a treadmill and many have folding frames or can easily be stood upright, making it perfect for home gyms especially if space is limited.

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