How to Pick Out a Treadmill for Your Home Gym

Jan 11, 2023

Adding a treadmill to your home gym is exciting and it is a piece of workout equipment that you will use for years to come. However, with all of the options available it might feel slightly overwhelming to find the perfect treadmill for your home gym. Here's how to pick out the right one for you and ensure you make the best purchase for you and your fitness needs.

Consider Your Space

When beginning the process of choosing a treadmill for your home gym, one of the most important factors is going to be the amount of space you have available for a treadmill. You may want to measure exactly how much space you have for your treadmill. Treadmills come in many sizes including sizes meant for running, walking, and even oversized treadmills. Most sizes are published online so you can ensure that the treadmill you are looking to purchase will fit. 

If you are limited on space, you can also consider a folding treadmill which will allow you to fold the running deck up. This can be great if you are able to fit a full-sized treadmill, but want the ability to fold it up to make room for additional workout space. Foldable treadmills also come in a variety of sizes so you will be able to find one to fit in the space you have. 

Think About Budget

One of the best ways to narrow down the treadmill options for your home gym is to immediately take your budget into account. There are many different treadmills on the market for purchase and prices can vary from those under $1,000 to some that cost upwards of $5,000. Once you have your budget determined, you can figure out which treadmills will fit into your budget and go from there. 

The Intended Use

Thinking about buying a treadmill, but you are not sure where to start? Not all treadmills are created equal and some are designed to serve the purpose of a walking treadmill or running treadmill. Before you purchase a new treadmill for your home gym, take the time to think about your fitness goals and how often you want to use it. If it will be used just for walking and sparingly then you will want a different treadmill than if you plan to run daily on it. 

You may also want to consider if the treadmill you are looking at has the speed and incline capabilities you need. Many people enjoy working out on an incline or decline and treadmills greatly vary in the percentage of incline and decline they can adjust. 

Treadmill Technology

Many treadmills on the market come with different technology. Depending on your preferences and must-haves, this will help you determine the best treadmill for your home gym. Some treadmills will have apps that allow you to follow workouts on the console and others may have bluetooth capabilities so you can listen to music while working out.

There are also treadmills that have televisions built in to the console and others that have heart rate monitors. You can also opt for a more simple design with no extra bells and whistles. Take the time to think about what features will benefit you and be of use and what ones you can pass on. This will ensure that you find a treadmill that will be a good investment for your home gym and one that you will get plenty of use out of. 

Learn More About Treadmills

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new treadmill for your home gym. With so many options available, it is important to take the time to determine what type of treadmill will suit you and your needs best. A treadmill is a big investment and you want to be satisfied with your purchase for years to come. Want to learn more about treadmills? Read10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Treadmill.