How to Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2022

Jan 3, 2022

It's the time for reflection and resolutions - when we start to look to a new year with fresh goals and aspirations. What successes has 2021 brought you? What are you hoping to accomplish in 2022? Like many, you may be hoping to make 2022 the year where you make big steps down the path toward better health and fitness.

According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year's Resolutions are dropped by mid-February. Don't let the excuses creep in, set yourself up for success with these fool-proof tips on starting a fitness plan that sticks.

1. Pick the right goal for you. It's important to feel motivated about your goal without feeling overwhelmed. You want your resolution to be attainable, but challenging. If you don't have the passionate flame behind your goal, then you're more likely to burn out over the passing months.

2. Create a step by step plan. Break your resolution into smaller measurable goals. For example, if your resolution is to participate in a race then the first step would be to add a daily run to your routine, the next would be to improve your time/pacing, then it would be to sign up for the race and so forth. There's something very satisfying and motivating about checking off a task, no matter how small - the more small goals you reach, the more motivated you will be to reach your ultimate goal.

3. Ask for help. Whether that's getting a friend involved or hiring a personal trainer/health coach, having someone there to hold you accountable will help your resolution stick. If you're unable to be near your fitness tribe, try an online forum or fitness group to keep you motivated. Zoom or skype your daily runs. There are many ways to stay connected despite these unpredictable times.

4. Keep track of your successes and failures. Studies have shown that writing down your goals increases your chances for success. Plus Habit trackers and fitness journals are a great way to reflect on your achievements and failures. It will help you discover your weaknesses and strengths so you can tweak your routine and set yourself up for success.

5. Set yourself up for success by making it as easy as possible to fit your goal into your everyday routine. One of the most common excuses for skipping a workout is time. Busy schedules, kids, work, and the everyday bustle of life causes workouts to get pushed aside because there is other more important things to do. Having a cardio machine at home makes working around busy schedules extremely easy, decreasing the excuses and increasing the calorie-burning. Learn more about the benefits of working out from home.

6. Don’t give up after a bad day. Life sometimes gets the better of us. Don't let one bad day stop you from continuing. Remember to cut yourself some slack. There are 365 days in a year. That's a lot of new chances to get back on track. Think of it more as a lifestyle resolution that can happen at any point of the year. This takes some of the pressure off and will prevent you from quitting and putting it off until the next New Year if you find yourself slacking.

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