What to Look For When Buying an Exercise Bike

Oct 15, 2021

You've considered the benefits of an exercise bike and now you're ready to bring the training power of an exercise bike home. There are many things to consider when deciding on the right bike for you. How much space do you have? What are your fitness goals? What's your budget? All these questions and more will help you find the perfect indoor cycle.

XTERRA Fitness has a wide selection of exercise bikes for every space, budget, and purpose. From compact to recumbent to premium cycling, it's easier than ever to bring fitness home. Use our guide below to get started.

For Those With Limited Space

Look for:

  • Folding Frame Design
A folding frame design is a convenient way to save space. The X-frame folds in the center for easy, on-demand storage and set-up. It significantly cuts down on footprint and allows for you to easily store the bike under a bed or in a closet when not in use.

  • Correct Dimensions
If you're tight on space, pay close attention to the dimensions of the bike. Measure the space you have available and make sure the bike will fit. Take height and your body's width into account as well. You will need room to comfortably get on and off the bike.

  • Transportation Wheels
Transportation wheels are an often overlooked feature that are in fact extremely important, especially for those with smaller apartments or storage needs. They allow you to easily move the bike when not in use, clearing space for other activities and allowing for safe storage.

XTERRA Fitness has a special line of compact bikes that are specifically designed with space-saving features in mind. The Compact Bike series includes affordably priced exercise bikes with easy, on-demand storage and set-up. The small footprint of these bikes helps maximize your use of space while providing a low-impact, heart-healthy workout.

FB360 Folding Bike

FB350 Folding Bike

UB120 Upright Bike

FB160 Folding Bike

FB150 Folding Bike

For Those Needing Extra Back Support or Comfort

Look for:

  • Recumbent Frame Design
Recumbent bikes are bikes with a reclined seating position with supportive seat back. They encourage better spinal posture and reduce the risk of lower back pain making them great options for users looking for extra comfort and support.

  • Adjustability
Having a fully adjustable bike improves support by customizing the bike to your measurements for a more secure and comfortable ride. If adjustability is important look bikes with adjustable seats, pedals, and handlebars.

  • Comfort Molded Seats
A comfort molded seat not only keeps your buttocks comfortable, it can provide extra support to your back, reduce impact, and improve posture.

XTERRA Fitness Bikes all feature comfort molded seats with ergonomically designed shapes to contour the body for exceptional support. Pedal your way to health with a comfortable step-through recumbent frame XTERRA Fitness bike designed to provide an effective lower body workout with minimal impact to joints.

SB500 Recumbent Bike

SB4500 Recumbent Bike

SB250 Recumbent Bike

SB150 Recumbent Bike

SB120 Recumbent Bike

For Those Wanting a Classic Calorie-Burning Cycling Workout

Look for:

  • Upright Position
An upright bike gives you a consistent workout that is closer to the same workout you would receive when riding outdoors. They engage your core and provide a full body exercise due to your position.

  • Strong Flywheel
Having a strong and heavy precision balanced flywheel system provides premium fluid motion for a sturdy and effective workout every time. Look for bikes with flywheels that are built to last, like the MBX2500, which has a 48.5 lb flywheel for exceptional durability.

XTERRA Fitness Cycling Bikes provide everything you need to have an incredible, calorie-burning workout that is closest to road bikes, but in the comfort of your home. The premium features, sleek design and competitive performance make these exercise bikes the perfect tool to reaching your fitness goals.

MB550 Indoor Cycle

MBX2500 Indoor Cycle

For HIIT and CrossFit Enthusiasts

Look for:

  • Unlimited Resistance
An air bike is a staple in any CrossFit gym. That's because it offers a tremendous calorie burning workout due to the unlimited range of air resistance that provides low resistance at slow speeds and high resistance at fast speeds. Simply put, it increases resistance the harder you work. Few other full body workouts are as low impact, easy to use, and burn so many calories in such a compact design.

  • Dual Movement Handles
Due to the dual upper and lower body design air bikes make great home fitness machines. You get two workouts in one machine; taking up less space and maximizing effectiveness. This cardio machine is a powerhouse and will help users push their limits, lose weight, build endurance and gain strength.

Bring the intense workout of a high-output cardio machine home with XTERRA Fitness’s Air Bikes. These durable exercise bikes combine the heart-healthy benefits of cycling with a low-impact upper body workout to help you burn fat while building cardiovascular health. The powerful flywheels offer ultimate versatility and infinitive levels of resistance to match your fitness level making an air bike an excellent training partner.

AIR650 Airbike Pro

AIR350 Air Bike

Bring home the training power you need to lose weight and prepare for the bicycling adventure of a lifetime. Shop all XTERRA Fitness Bikes.

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